Welcome to Cod Sounds, a homegrown company dedicated to preserving the cultural food of this province and created to introduce you to a way of life that is not yet lost here in Newfoundland and Labrador. Where you embrace old techniques, rediscover lost traditions and create new ones along the way.


A History of Cod Sounds.

Everywhere you go in Newfoundland, you’ll find reminders that this was once a place where entire communities were sustained by cod from an abundant sea. But as our fishermen sent away enough salt cod to feed the entire world, they always cherished the parts no one else wanted: the cod heads, the tongues and the sounds.

To most, the cod sound is simply the air bladder that keeps a cod afloat. But to us—and the adventurous few—this delicious treasure tells the story of a people who had the ingenuity to find nourishment in the overlooked, the unwanted and the left behind.

Discover Newfoundland, one bite at a time.

Owned and operated by local food enthusiast Lori McCarthy, Cod Sounds creates extraordinary food experiences that tell the unwritten history of Newfoundland and Labrador’s food and culture.

As Lori guides you through one-of-a-kind experiences like exclusive restaurant tours, shared cooking nights and outdoor adventures, you’ll discover how Newfoundland and Labrador’s oldest food traditions continue to nourish the people here—body and soul.

Meet Lori McCarthy

Lori McCarthy is dedicated to preserving the cultural food of Newfoundland and Labrador through her company Cod Sounds. As a child, Lori spent countless hours watching her mom make bread and preserve the season’s harvest for the winter. It’s her childhood memories of beach boil-ups and long fall days on fertile berry grounds that shaped her heart—and the heart of her business.

Her passion for the traditional foods of this province has only grown over the years. And now it’s something she hopes to share with you.



Let yourself be guided through the streets of downtown St. John’s with a food tour that takes you to some of the city’s hottest spots. At each stop, you’ll have the opportunity to taste their specially-selected offerings alongside a beverage.

From modern spins on traditional fare to the technical mastery of local artisans, you’re guaranteed a gastronomic experience that could only happen in Newfoundland and Labrador. Available by group booking only. Minimum of 8 people.

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Discover a shared cooking and dining experience in the beautiful Compton House Heritage Inn, just minutes from the downtown core in what was once the old St. John’s country. Whether you are a well-seasoned cook or a food  enthusiast, we all continue to learn and I am sure we have a class to inspire you. Our classes are a mix of demonstration and hands-on and explore everything from traditional Newfoundland fare to breads and pastas, cheese making, charcuterie and butchery.



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Outdoor Adventures

Spend a day living off the land with Lori. She will show you some of her favourite spots for foraging — and then the best place to enjoy a beachside lunch made over an open fire.

Wild Foraging in Newfoundland and Labrador

Lori McCarthy has been picking wild edibles since a young child and has spent the recent years foraging for some of this city’s top restaurants. Walk with her through our woods and onto our beaches in search of the amazing bounty that our province has to offer. When you are finished you will sit around, light the fire and experience a Newfoundland boil-up.

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