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The Experience of Food

 How do we make sure that every person spending their time with you, leaves with the story of your place through a unique experience.

Join Lori McCarthy, award-winning owner of Cod Sounds who will share with you her story of growth and development as one of the top culinary experiences in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Lori was been listed as a hidden gem in National Geographic, has been written up in Costal Living as one of the 8 great excursions in North America. The Telegraph speaks about her in an article about the most unlikely culinary destinations and  check out what the National Post has to say.

She will take you through her business and give you what you need to apply her model to any experience you create in your community.  

Many travellers are looking for unique opportunities to connect to people and place and visitors are looking to experience this this all over the world.

Here in Newfoundland and Labrador food has been much more than just something that we eat, it is that which sustains a way of life and creates opportunities to share who we are.

Our traditions of food gathering and preparation have deeply connected us to the land and sea for centuries and this is the story I share through my excursions....


Learning Objectives

  • How to connect to other community assets to create a strong clustered approach for destinations.
  • To learn the importance of local opportunity and how to partner with other providers to enhance the experience. 
  • How to find the opportunity that speaks to you and your culture.
  • How to create your story and how to share it.
  • How various business operations have been integrated into the culinary industry to provide alternative revenue streams
  • To understand the Importance of knowing your market- who will you sell to and how to sell to them.
  • Is your idea sustainable? What is eco-tourism and sustainable tourism, where does your strength lie
  • Why attention to detail and quality are critical ingredients to success and how adding that something special that will create lasting memories.
  • How to price and write-up your experience
  • Learn how to involve guests in your local tradition.


To inquire about the details of Lori visiting you in your community, pop us an email and we will get right back to you