Seashore Forage & Fireside Cookery - June 19th, 2018

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Seashore Forage & Fireside Cookery - June 19th, 2018


Springtime wild food and an open fire workshop. The spring presents us with the first taste of wild growth after all winter and it's when those flavours are at their best.  

This is just a little different from our Forage & Fire in that we want you to get involved,  build fires, learn to split wood, use a variety of camp stoves and gain the confidence to bring your culinary woods skills up a notch ;) This is a wonderful opportunity to taste wild spring and incorporate it into your outdoor cooking. Hit the beach with me, detach and discover the edible spring Palate. Makes a wonderful family event.

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  • The total distance covered in our plant identification walk is less than 1 km 
  • Availability of wild edibles to identify will depend on the season. This is a 3-4 hour experience, with a maximum of 8 people.
  • Excursions take place within a 1 hour drive of St. John's in Avondale, NL . Transportation is not provided.
  • Start time is 8:00 AM. You will be notified of the time one week before the Excursion.
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing necessary, extra sweaters can be arranged at time of booking, just ask.
  • Please be sure to make your guide aware of any medical conditions that would be important for us to know.
  • First aid packs and sunscreen are available but if you like, pack your own sunscreen and any additional items.
  • These excursions are all weather-dependant and can be cancelled inside a 12 hour window, if this is the case your money will be fully refunded.
  • Some of these trips require that you are able to hike rough terrain please inform us if this is a problem.
  • Children are welcome but understand the outing fully before you commit to including small children.
  • Children under 8 are FREE. Ages 8-12 are $50 plus HST. Ages 13+ are the regular rate of $150 plus HST. Please contact us to purchase space for children.
  • Some of these excursions require extended time in remote areas without bathroom facilities.
  • All trips require you sign a waiver.
  • Due to the nature of who we are and the experience we are trying to create for you, we only serve sustainable products including wild edibles, seafood and game on the beach . There are very few dietary restrictions that can be accommodated during our Forage & Fire. Please keep this in mind when booking.