Wild Game Cookery: Fur & Feathers - Nov 9th, 2018


Wild Game Cookery: Fur & Feathers - Nov 9th, 2018


Fur & Feathers - Ducks & Hare

This wild game has found itself onto our plates for generations and I want to help you to keep them on our plates for generations to come. In this instructional outdoor workshop we will cover the field dressing, cleaning (skinning & plucking), de-boning and of course cooking. We will be taking a new approach to the traditional preparation and give you the skills to put it on your table that may surprise you.

A great day up at the cabin in the fall of the year, cooking over the fire and embracing our cultural foods.

I believe these are invaluable skills that will arm you with the knowledge to put a very healthy and sustainable hunted food on your plate. 



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  • Will take place in Middle Gull Pond . 
  • This event is 3 to 4 hours in duration Start time at 10 am
  • Event price is $150 plus HST per person.
  • We will be covering butchery, skinning, plucking , deboning. Please be aware of what you are singing up for ;)
  • You will each skin and butcher a rabbit and prepare it to take home
  •  Maximum of 8 people per workshop
  • This is mostly an outdoor event. Please dress accordingly. 
  • Children are welcome . This is a great way to pass along tradition. 
  • Your purchase of this workshop is non-refundable. If you are unable to make the event you have chosen you can use your purchase for any other workshop offered as long as space is available.
  • Each participant will take home their own rabbit.