January 25, 2020 Pig in a Day - Butchery


January 25, 2020 Pig in a Day - Butchery


In this 1/2 day workshop, were diving in, from butchery to charcuterie were diving in!

Together we are going to work through a full side of local pork from nose to tail.

Well, you’ll be doing most of the work while I walk you through it :)

Our morning will begin with tea, coffee and baked goods at 10am.

Our workshop, will see us break down the side of a locally-raised pork into its fundamental cuts and then right down to the steaks and cuts you all know and love. You will learn where the familiar pork cuts come from as well as the lesser known but equally delicious selections. We will talk about how and why we use specific cuts in certain types of dishes. 

LUNCH - Of course pork will be on the menu and we’ll eat right in the workshop :)

After that were into the age-old art of sausage making. Here in our province this art has been strong for generations and with a new wave of appreciation for artisan meats upon us, join me as we whip up some beautiful fresh sausages. The aim is to help you navigate the details from casings to binders to stuffers. We will end our day with a discussion and lots of time for questions, as I am sure you will have many.

 To Cover:

  • full side of pork butchery, fundamental cuts, steaks, roasts, deboning,

  • fresh sausage - you will all bring home some sausages

  • bacon - you will all make and bring home your own


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  • Class begins 10am. Class runs between 4-5 hrs.

  • Class price is $150 plus HST per person.

  • If particular cuts of meat or products are unavailable at the time of class another product of Cod Sounds choosing will be substituted without notice. Please ask if there is something very particular you are coming to see demonstrated.

  • Maximum of six people in this workshop. This enables a hands-on and personal approach so you can get the most out of your learning experience.

  • Your purchase of this workshop is non-refundable or transferable to another workshop.