We want you to be a part of this...

We are cultural food enthusiasts of various ages and life experience. We come together to appreciate and celebrate this land and our cultural food. We host regular cooking events and traditional food preparation gatherings that you can take part in on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to join us, contact me at lorimccarthy@bellaliant.net 

How we work:

We will send out an e-mail with the upcoming planned gathering and if you are interested in joining us simply let us know by phone or e-mail. Each event will have an associated cost and we will all contribute to the cost of the gathering. 

I encourage you to start your own cultural food alliance in your community! Our province is vast with regional diversity from one end to the other. Start your own alliance and bring together people in your community to cook, share, document your recipes and pass on our food culture to our future generations.