Lori McCarthy

Lori McCarthy is dedicated to the cultural foods of Newfoundland and Labrador through her company Cod Sounds and the Livyers Cultural Alliance. 

Her core values embrace locally sourced regional cuisine and wild foods from the land and sea; this is reflected in her food experiences and workshops. 

Lori has been listed as a  hidden gem in National Geographic, has been written up in Costal Living as one of the 8 great excursions in North America. The Telegraph speaks about her in an article about the most unlikely culinary destinations and  check out what the National Post has to say.

 She sits on the Food Policy Council of St. John's and is the recipient of the Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Innovator award for 2017 and the Tourism Discovery award from the City of St. John's.

As a child, Lori spent countless hours watching her mom make bread and preserve the season’s harvest for the winter. It’s her childhood memories of beach boil-ups, wild game and long fall days on fertile berry grounds that shaped her heart—and the heart of her business.

Her passion for the food of this province has only grown over the years. And now it’s something she looks forward  to sharing with you.


Nicholas Gardner

Nicholas is thrilled to be a part of the Cod Sounds team r as he shares a passion for real food and hands on teaching. Owner of Upper Crust, St. John’s only microbakery and delivery service, Nicholas enjoys sharing knowledge of the craft of baking and food techniques. After some years honing his skills in the kitchens of the Niagara Escarpment and Southwestern Ontario, he carved out a life in St. John’s as a blogger and food writer for The Independent with his columns Off the Eating Path and Drink. He returned to the kitchens in 2013, baking for commercial operations, which inspired the idea of running a boutique bakery. Nicholas is a recurring regional judge for Gold Medal Plates, part of the Canadian Culinary Championships held each year in St. John’s. Nicholas is an Honors Graduate of the Culinary Institute of Canada.



Lisa & Steve McBride

Lisa & Steve McBride, originally from Vancouver BC, have lived in Newfoundland since 2008 and run a sustainable organic homestead up the Southern Shore in Mobile. Their goal is total food (& entertainment) sustainability, which means a lot of DIY. Whether it's milking goats to make delicious homemade cheese, growing and foraging for gourmet mushrooms, tending to beehives for their honey & excellent pollination, tending to a sprawling fruit & veggie garden, out foraging for wild edibles, or preparing homegrown organic homestead meat, Lisa & Steve are always busy learning & sharing food skills and - most importantly - delicious food with friends & food enthusiasts."

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Alexandra Blagdon

Alexandra Blagdon of Oui Chef has been a part of the Cod Sounds team for the past 5 years and is excited to share her pasta and pastry experience for those eager to learn and have a great time. She’s been in and out of Newfoundland embarking on culinary adventures around the world and bringing them back to our island. Her learning experiences include culinary school at Ballymaloe on a farm in Ireland, Tuscany Italy at a private villa learning the ins and outs of fresh pasta, Focusing on all things bread, cheese and pastries in France, to the modern ways of New York City and the fresh food markets in Croatia. Alexandra carries a strong passion for what she does since the age of 8 which will be easy to see In her Cod Sounds cookery workshops.

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Vanessa Kenny

Vanessa Kenny, The woman behind the scenes at Cod Sounds that makes it all go round. I have known Vanessa since 2010 and when I needed someone to help grow this business she was the natural choice. From emails and phone calls, to product development and organizing me; no small task, she is an incredible asset and friend. I would not be able to make Cod Sounds what it is today without her.

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Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh has partnered with us to head up our outdoor hunting and educational workshops. Chris has 5 years experience as a big game hunting/fishing guiding and 7 years of tracking experience. Chris has an expansive knowledge of outdoor strategy, gun handling, and basic survival techniques. As an outdoor enthusiast his whole life he was an obvious choice to team with for out outdoor adventures.